If you’d like to advertise with us, we offer a range of options from guest posts to city page banners to whole site ads. This enables you to choose a package that suits you best.

Ad options

Guest Post

A guest post about your company or service costs just €50 at the moment. You will supply the content and images. This is a one-off cost and the post will remain on the site permanently.

City page banner ads

If you choose to run a banner ad for a particular city, it will be shown at either the top or bottom of every post linked to that city. For example, Rijeka has 11 posts, so the banner ads would be shown on all 11 of those posts.

Note that on rare occasions another ad my be shown alongside yours. An example would be a post about getting a train from Zagreb to Split, as that would cover two cities.

Price is €20 for a banner at the top of the page and €10 for a banner at the bottom of the page. If buying both top and bottom banner positions, the price is €25.

Sitewide ads

If you prefer a sitewide ad that will be shown on every page of the site, the following options are available.


A header ad costs €50 per month.

Right sidebar

A sidebar ad costs €25 per month for top position, €15 for middle, and €10 for bottom.


A footer ad costs €20 per month.


If you buy a 3-month package, you get an extra month for free. Buy 6 months and get 8. Buy 12 months and get 16.

Other ad options

If you would like a bespoke ad option, just contact us to discuss your needs.

Contact us

Contact us at to purchase any of the above packages.