How to Get From Dubrovnik to Split by Ferry, Bus and Car

Many tourists to Croatia want to visit both Dubrovnik and Split, as these are the two main tourist destinations on the coast. But what’s the best way to travel between these two cities?

It’s possible to travel by ferry, bus or car. Which you choose is down to your budget, your time, whether you have a car, and your personal preferences.

In this article I’ll cover all three ways to get from Dubrovnik to Split.

Getting From Dubrovnik to Split by Ferry

Our ferry after it arrived in Supetar from Split
A Jadrolinija Ferry

Ferries run between Dubrovnik and Split from April to October. If you’re planning to travel outside those months, getting a ferry isn’t an option.

During April and May, there is one ferry a day leaves Dubrovnik at 16:15 and arrives in Split at 20:40. The ferry company is Katepan Luka.

During June, July, August and September there are 4 ferries a day that depart and arrive at the following times:

07:00-12.55 (operated by Jadrolinija)

15:00-20:10 (Kapetan Luka)

15:15-20:25 (TP Line)

16:15-20:40 (Kapetan Luka) – runs 16:00-20:20 in September

During October there are 2 ferries a day that depart and arrive at the following times:

15:15-20:25 (TP Line)

16:00-20:20 (Kapetan Luka)

Tickets for foot passengers cost 45 EUR. No cars are allowed on the ferries.

These details are subject to change, so be sure to check when you buy your tickets.

Getting From Dubrovnik to Split by Bus

Our Arriva Bus from Zadar to Rijeka
An Arriva Bus

Getting a bus is between Dubrovnik and Split is cheap and easy. The are numerous buses running throughout the day from around 06:30 to 22:00. Journey time varies between 3 hours 45 minutes and 4 hours 40 minutes. The journey time isn’t much different to the ferry times. Tickets cost around 20-25 EUR, depending on the company.

You can either buy tickets online from websites like or, or buy at the bus station.

We used a variety of bus companies during our travels around Croatia, and Arriva was one of the best.

Getting From Dubrovnik to Split by Car

If you plan to travel by car, you have the option of using your own car, hiring a car or using a private hire car.

According to Google Maps, getting from Dubrovnik to Split is a journey of 233 km (145 miles) and takes just under 3 hours.

This means that traveling by car is the quickest, although you should be aware that there may be long delays traveling by bus or car during the high season. The journey could be 2-3 hours longer.

Where to stay in Split

When not staying at Airbnb apartments, we usually book apartments or hotels via either See link below.

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