How to Get From Sibenik to Zadar by Bus

We spent a week in Sibenik and it was the best place we’ve visited in Croatia so far. It’s much more laid back than places like Dubrovnik and Split and much cheaper as well. I can highly recommend it. With under two months of our 6-month travel adventure left, it was time to move on. This time to Zadar.

We got the Arriva bus from Split to Sibenik, and this is the same bus that continues on to Zadar and eventually Rijeka, which we may also visit.

The current bus times are as follows:

There are buses running from Sibenik to Zadar every hour or two from around 05:00 to 23:00. We usually buy our bus tickets in advance online, but as there are so many buses we decided to just turn up and buy them at the bus station ticket office.

If you plan to travel during high season it might be safer to buy the tickets in advance.

Sibenik Bus Station

Sibenik Bus Station
Sibenik Bus Station

Sibenik bus station is located within a few minutes’ walk of the old town and next to the ferry pier. This is where we bought our bus tickets.

Sibenik to Zadar bus tickets
Sibenik to Zadar bus tickets

The bus tickets from Sibenik to Zadar cost 10.23 EUR each. We paid an additional 1.30 EUR each to store our luggage.

The Bus

Just like on the previous journey, we got an Arriva bus. There was free wifi on board. Password if ‘arrivabus’. Me managed to guess this.

There wasn’t a toilet on the bus but it was possible to get off and use a toilet at some of the stops along the way.

The journey was mostly along the coastline, so there were beautiful views almost all the way.

The bus was around 20 minutes late leaving Sibenik and 20 minutes late arriving in Zadar.

Sibenik to Zadar bus arriving at Zadar Bus Station
Sibenik to Zadar bus arriving at Zadar Bus Station

Getting to Zadar Old Town from the bus station

When we got off the bus, there were lots of taxis parked next to the bus station and many taxi drivers wandering around asking passengers if they needed a taxi. This is always a red flag for me. Legit taxis tend to wait in line. These taxis may have been legit, but they didn’t give that impression.

Having endured a few taxi scams already, we booked an Uber taxi instead. It was just 3 EUR to the old town. No cars are allowed in the old town, so the taxi dropped us off at the entrance.

From there it was just a few minutes walk to our brand new Airbnb apartment. We were the first people to stay since it was renovated.

Book your hotel in Zadar

When not staying at Airbnb apartments, our favorite booking website is

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