How to Get From Split to Sibenik by Bus

After 4 days in Split, it was time to head north up Croatia’s beautiful coastline. For our next stop, we decided to visit Sibenik for a few days. The weather’s not great at the moment, but we hope it will improve enough so that we can take a trip to Krka. (Update: The weather improved but Krka was shut because of flooding).

We visited Sibenik and Krka around 7 years ago and are looking forward to seeing both again.

The current bus times are as follows:

There are buses running from Split to Sibenik every hour or two from around 05:00 to 23:00. We usually buy our bus tickets in advance online, but as there are so many buses we decided to just turn up and buy them at the bus station ticket office.

If you plan to travel during high season it might be safer to buy the tickets in advance.

Split Bus Station

Split Bus Station Ticket Office
Split Bus Station Ticket Office

The bus station and the ticket office look a bit run-down. I think they need an upgrade. Anyway, our tickets costs 8.60 EUR each. There were additional charges of 1.06 EUR each, making the total price 9.66 EUR each.

Split to Sibenik Bus Tickets
Split to Sibenik Bus Tickets

But wait, there’s more. We also had to pay an additional 1.30 EUR for our luggage.

We had an Arriva bus that included free wifi that worked the whole journey. The wifi password is ‘arrivabus’. We managed to guess it.

We got the 11.30 bus that was supposed to arrive at 13:00. However, it was around 20 minutes late arriving. The final destination of the bus is Zadar, so this is the bus we’ll be getting in a few days when we head there.

The journey was pretty uneventful. The scenery was great, as most of the jorney was along the coast. I didn’t take any photos of it though.

Sibenik Bus Station

Sibenik Bus Station
Sibenik Bus Station

This is another bus station that could do with a renovation. It’s only a few minutes’ walk to the old town, so the location is great. It’s also next to the ferry pier. And it’s only around 400 meters from a great Airbnb that we stayed at.

Book your hotel in Sibenik

When not staying at Airbnb apartments, our favorite booking websites are and

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