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When we visit a new location, it’s usually easy to find the best plays to stay and the things to do. What’s often difficult to find, is essential information like where the bus stop is, where the supermarkets are, etc.

In this post, I’ve included a random collection of information that I think will be useful if you’re visiting the Kotor Old Town for the first time.

Are there any supermarkets nearby and are they open on Sundays?

Aroma Supermarket in Kamelija Shopping Center, Kotor
Aroma Supermarket in Kamelija Shopping Center, Kotor

There are three supermarkets within a few minutes walk of Kotor Old Town. The best one, in my opinion, is Aroma. It’s located in Kamelija Shopping Center and is around 600 meters from the main gate of Kotor Old Town.

Kamelija Shopping Center, Kotor
Kamelija Shopping Center, Kotor

Kamelija Shopping Center has a range of useful stores, such as a good pharmacy, clothes shops, mobile phone shop, and two restaurants.

To get there, leave the main gate of the old town and turn right. Keeping walking for 600 meters and you’ll see the shopping center on your left. Aroma supermarket is at the back.

Voli Supermarket, Kotor
Voli Supermarket, Kotor

Voli Supermarket is 50 meters before you get to Kamilja Shopping Center. It has a great range and is probably the cheapest of the three supermarkets.

The third supermarket is Idea. It’s around 500 meters from the main square on the way to the bus station. To get there, leave the main gate of the old town and turn left. Keep walking until you see it. It’s around 100 meters from the South Gate.

None of these supermarkets are open on Sundays. I’d suggest you do all your shopping on Saturday, as all shops in the town are closed on Sundays, except one. Even small grocery stores close on Sundays.

Where can I find a supermarket in Kotor that’s open on a Sunday?

Kotor Bus Station Supermarket
Kotor Bus Station Supermarket

The only place we found open on a Sunday was the small supermarket located at the bus station. It’s very small and only has very basic items. But at least it’s open.

Are there ATMs in Kotor Old Town?

Yes, there are more in Kotor Old Town than I’ve seen anywhere else in the world. No matter where you are in the old town, you won’t be far away from an ATM. Sometimes you’ll see 4 or 5 within a hundred meters.

Is it easy to get to Kotor Old Town from the bus station?

Yes, it’s very easy. The bus station is around 650 meters from the main gate to Kotor Old Town. It’s even closer to the South Gate. You can easily walk there.

Kotor Bus Station Timetable
Kotor Bus Station Timetable

Above you can see the Kotor bus timetable for local buses.

Where can I find luggage storage in Kotor?

Luggage storage is available at the bus station. I don’t know how secure it is so suggest you don’t leave any valuables there.

What currency does Kotor and Montenegro use?

They use the Euro and have done so since it was introduced in 2002.

Where is the Tourist Information office in Kotor?

It’s right next to the entrance of the main gate to the old town.

How do you pay tourist tax in Kotor?

There’s an office in the old town where you’ll need to register your address and pay 1 EUR per person per night tourist tax. Your hotel or host can help you with this. See Make Sure You Pay Your Montenegro Tourist Tax.

How much does coffee cost in Kotor?

We usually paid between 1.50 and 2.5 EUR for coffee in Kotor Old Town.

Where to stay in Kotor Old Town

While in Kotor we stayed in two different apartments. We can recommend both of them. The first one was Kotor Old Town Apartment. The second one was Boskovic Apartment. Both apartments were owned by the same person.

If you prefer to book a different hotel or apartment, you can find one using the Agoda search box above.

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