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When we visit a new location, it’s usually easy to find the best plays to stay and the things to do. What’s often difficult to find, is essential information like where the bus stop is, where the supermarkets are, etc.

In this post, I’ve included a random collection of information that I think will be useful if you’re visiting the Budva for the first time.


Are there any supermarkets nearby and are they open on Sundays?

There are a few good supermarkets in the town center, including Aroma in the main shopping mall and Voli, a little further along the same street. Unfortunately, none of them are open on Sundays.

There are many small stores, but we didn’t find any that were open on Sundays. There are some independent store along Mainski put, so it may be worth checking there.

Where can I find a supermarket in Budva that’s open on a Sunday?

We found one small store that was open on a Sunday – Atlantic convenience store. It didn’t have a great choice, but at least you can pick up some water and snacks there. You can also try the store along Mainski put, as mentioned above.

Are there ATMs in Budva?

Yes, there are ATMs al around Budva. You’re very far away from one. Be sure to check the fees and exchange rates though, as some have very high fees.

Is it easy to get to Budva town center and old town from the bus station?

Budva Bus Station
Budva Bus Station

Yes, it’s an easy and pleasant walk. Unless you’re overloaded with luggage or have problems walking, I’d suggest you walk.

What currency does Budva and Montenegro use?

They use the Euro and have done so since it was introduced in 2002.

Where is the Tourist Information office in Budva?

Tourist Information Office, Budva
Tourist Information Office, Budva

We saw two Tourist Information offices while we were in Budva. One is a few hundred meters from the bus station on the way to the town center, as shown in the image above. I had to wait in this queue for 20 minutes to pay our tourist tax. I dread to think what the queues are like in high season.

There is another office in the town center, not far away from the old town.

How do you pay tourist tax in Budva?

You pay 1 EUR per person per night tourist tax at one of the offices above. Note that in Budva they also charge a 1 EUR fee on top of the tourist tax. It’s only 1 EUR, but feels like a rip-off. I don’t know why they want to inconvenience tourists so much. Surely this tax could be collected by hotels and included in the nightly price. See Make Sure You Pay Your Montenegro Tourist Tax.

How much does coffee cost in Budva?

We usually paid between 1.50 and 2.5 EUR for coffee in Budva.

Where to stay in Budva

While in Budva we stayed in a fantastic Airbnb apartment. I can highly recommend it. If you prefer to stay in a hotel or different apartment, check out what’s available on Agoda.

We use Agoda for most of out hotel bookings.

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